Distributed SIP Analyzer



new download (0.2.1)2004/5/19

Develop by Advanced Network Technology LAB

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Distributed SIP Analyzer is a web-based analyzer, it can capture SIP message in different subnet(Lan) and draw SIP CALL Flow, calculate talking time, Call setup time, compare SIP version, log SIP session.
It use MySQL database to store message. and use PHP to show the SIP message. this is a open source freeware. you can see online demo on this website.
1.Open Source (PHP,C,JAVA).
2.Allows real-time analysis.
3.packet list, session list.
4.Provides statistics reports and graphs.
6.analyze RFC Version,call setup time,UA response time...etc
7.PHP SIP Paser Library.
8.SIP Call flow chart.
9.read libpcap file.
10.history data query.
11.Multi-language support.